BEYOND brings agile and adaptive financial planning to all levels of your company.


Track in real-time

Keep up with projects and teams using live data synchronised from your accounts - see budget variance, planned costs, future estimates.

Manage costs, before they hit the bottom line

Let employees manage costs associated to projects from the moment they are planned.

Instantly reallocate across teams and projects

Use resources where they're most effective: enable managers and teams to easily reallocate funds to where they are needed.

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Intuitive, interactive analytics

Seamlessly move from high-level overview to detailed drilldown: responsive interface allows visual, interactive navigation of data alongside live-updating tables.


Anomaly flagging and alerts

Anomalies and issues are automatically flagged so you can focus on the important decisions.


Empower employees with the right data

Give visibility to employees at all levels by letting them see timely and relevant information.

Bring them onboard with the day-to-day financial management and align decisions on the ground with the company’s objectives.


Intelligent thresholds devolve small changes

Adjustable limits give your team controlwhilst ensuring significant changes are escalated.

See why out-of-threshold changes are needed. Quickly approve, reject or drill down and follow up.