Our Vision

Imagine a company that can quickly plan and react in real-time, instead of waiting for the next drawn-out budget cycle. Where empowering employees becomes the most efficient way to operate.

Traditional budgets waste time, are quickly outdated, and are a real pain to follow-up on throughout the year. They slow companies down, yet remain poor at optimising resource use and avoiding overspend.

We’re changing all that.

Beyond transforms how businesses budget - making it real-time and collaborative. It enables all employees in a company to track their spend and update their budgets with ease and transparency.

Now the budget always reflects what is actually happening in your business.

The Founders

James Williams

After completing his Masters in Systems Engineering, James spent 4 years working at Barclays Investment Bank building high performance trading systems. 
He spent half a year working in the CIO office where he gained a unique insight into dysfunctional budgeting from both the boardroom and the front line.
For good measure, he also has a MSc in Machine Learning from UCL. 

Xavier Wilders

Xavier has been coding since he was 7, and graduated top of his year from Oxford with a Masters in Computer Science.
Prior to Beyond, he single-handedly built a collaborative budgeting system for Labo’Life, a multinational pharmaceutical company. It has been in use for the last 18 months with over €12M of budget under control.



Where We Are


Beyond Labs Ltd.
Second Home
68-80 Hanbury Street
London E1 5JL